Our Senior management has over 20 years of building loft conversions and extensions in London... and counting


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Clapham Construction Service 

Over 20 Years of Building Loft Conversions and Extensions in London

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From the smallest Loft Conversion to entire new floors we can build it for you. London Loft Conversions are our speciality. We provide a the most comprehensive service on the market

We provide the complete range of house extensions in London from A-Z

All Shapes, All Sizes and 100% Bespoke. We have a large portfolio to inspire you and we know how to build quickly. 

We believe in providing honest and open advice. We have decades of experience and we are happy to share it. If you need advice, a home consultation or a detailed specification and quote contact us and our service is free.


Here at Clapham Construction Service we are Proud of our work across London. We geniunely care about the homes we build and the clients we build them for. We are a Local building service, that specialises in Loft Conversions and home extensions and we undertake these projects as a service and not just as a contract. If a loft conversion in London or extension across the capital is what you want, or if you just simply want to see what you could get from the space you have, Clapham Construction Service can offer you the right advice and the design and build service you need. In addition to our bespoke Loft Conversions we operate a successful range of Home Extensions tailored for you, your home and your lifestyle 

Why Choose a Local Service?

Full Accountability

We own our business, we sell you our service and then we manage your project for you directly on site.

10 Year Protection

All our projects come with a 10 year protection warranty. Our warranty cover is one of our key elements

Unbeatable Prices

Our prices, like us, are straight forward and laid out right at the beginning and  do not change unless you want it to.... PRICES ARE FIXED...guaranteed! 

100% Customer Focus

Just ask our clients, they will not only tell you, but show you what we do and what sets us apart in the market

Detailed Specification

We offer full specifications so you know exactly what you're getting ... no surprises


You always get Quality and Value , like so many other claims, but we are also genuine specialists in SERVICE. We know the difference between a good project and a bad one. We decided to start our own business with the aim of providing the best quality Loft Conversions and Extensions as our core focus. We do not just offer a service we offer the best service and it is unique. We created a Business Charter that commits us to working closely with each our clients - Directly, Honestly and Openly... from the director to the tradesman ensuring 100% of our projects meet the clients and our expectations. 

Read More About The Way We Work

Our Portfolio

Loft conversion guide

Quality crafted, an 8 week average build time, 100% project management with full accountability and built around you.

A range of information for extension builds

All shapes and sizes, with complete finishes including kitchens. Tailored to you..... see what you can do with your home

Design, drawings, 3D renders & planning

From design only packages to planning, 3D rendering and interior design. Our services are unique and fully bespoke

Contact Us For Some Friendly Advice

Our clients love us, because we provide honest and straightforward information and advice, no sales pitch, no hassle!! We are trusted because we aim to satisfy all of our clients, not just build a job for profit. We do this by being open and honest from the start... right up to the finish. So if you want to get some information or want some advice about a potential project, just give us a call or drop a line...

Contact Us

Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: Closed
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