Our Senior management has over 20 years of building loft conversions and extensions in London... and counting


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Having over 20 years of experience within the industry building Loft Conversions in London, as well as Extensions, our team have seen and done it all.  We like to think that we have a clear understanding of what works and doesn't.


Thats why we set up Clapham Construction Service



The Core is in the name. We are a service.  We don't think its difficult to meet some key criteria in working with your home: 




  •  Quality Works and Excellent finish - Yes the two are separate things. 


  • Great Prices - We price fair and deliver what we agree and its fixed.


  • Straight-forward advice - Just because we are a business and generate sales doesn't mean we can't talk openly and honestly with people 


  • Open and Direct Communication - You will have all day access to everyone in the company, 6 days per week


  • Service - If you want it we can get it, if we can't we will help you find someone who can help instead. 

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This unique approach ensures EVERYONE OF US in dedicated to EVERYONE OF YOU... without you, we have no business.


Our focus is Client Satisfaction which in turn provides us Client Recommendations, which is at the heart of our strategy. No sales, advertising and glossy brochures, these don't build quality homes, good honest builders do.... Real clients, Real builders and Real homes. 


We will introduce you to our past and current clients who will share their feedback about us to you and you will see exactly who we are



We are Loft conversion and Home Extension specialists. We are adept at these builds, we have completed 1000s of them both for Clapham construction service and as contractors for some of the largest builders in London. Our approach is professional and experienced. We are not all-round builders in all disciplines, instead we are an authority in Loft conversions and Extensions.


Full Specifications and Fixed Prices


We provide a very comprehensive specification for each project we do, completely bespoke and based on our consultation with you. You will receive a full breakdown covering individual elements of the works. Once you appoint us, the price is fixed and does not change. We do not add or remove any costs, unless YOU make request to do so.


Fully Personalised and All-inclusive

We provide a personalised, comprehensive and fully bespoke service. We are practiced in design and build projects, so we can undertake every aspect of your project from designing your ideal loft conversion or extension, the planning and approval, all the way through to the build and the final decoration. Alternatively, we are happy to work with your own architects or existing plans and perform partial builds. The initial consultation will determine what you need and how we can help you achieve it.

100% Accountability


As a client of Clapham construction service, you appoint us to deliver a service and SERVICE is what you get. We do not operate our business by “sub-contracting” the works out to builders “we know”, we do not use a professional “customer service” teams and we do not leave the Project management to the ‘supervising tradesmen’. We the owners sign the contract with you, we the owners then manage the project for you! We visit you daily, we are your customer service team and the teams work for us not themselves. The success of your project and the safety of your home are paramount, so why would we entrust it to anyone else?

Our Clients


Yes, one of the best reasons to choose us is our past and present clients. We pride ourselves on delivering quality projects, in quick times scales and with satisfied clients. Our clients are often busy professionals, even busier parents or undertaking their first project in their homes. We deliver our service based on those facts, we visit the sites ourselves, solve problems and deliver the results as agreed. Just ask our most recent clients, we don’t hand pick our reviews, you can choose who you talk to, 90% of our work comes from recommendations. We limit the number of projects we do per year to ensure we can deliver this same service to everyone.

The Quality


Years of experience specialising in these projects naturally means we have acquired a wealth of knowledge, we know how to build, what the regulators require, what the planning officers need, how building control work, but we also know where to get the best materials and how to use them with the best practice techniques. We provide a 10-year warranty for our works, but we are committed to ensuring that your loft is as well built in the first place, our track record of warranty claims speaks for itself.